The Eighth Annual

Youth Ragtime Piano Competition

For students ages 8 to 18

Saturday, November 3, 2012

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m RED LION HOTEL SARAMENTO

1401 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95815

Competition Rules

pOne published American ragtime composition, performed with all repeats, under 5 minutes. (Ex: No Bethena or Solace.)

pWhile memorization is not required, it is encouraged.

pAll selections must meet with judges’ approval before the contest.

pStudent’s birthday must fall into our age divisions on the day of the competition.

pOne original copy of music must be supplied for the judges at the competition. (Music will be returned.)

pEntry fee is $20, which must be submitted with the

application form.

Judging Criteria

Rhythm, articulation, interpretation and accuracy.

Winners will be announced at the end of each division and prize money, medals and cer

tificates will be awarded at that

time. Virginia Tichenor, festival director, invites all competition participants, teachers, and families to come and enjoy a day of live ragtime music on Saturday, November 17th.


Jack Bradshaw is a ragtime performer, arranger, and former college piano teacher, with a Master’s Degree in piano from Northwestern.

Petra Sullivan is a performer on piano and violin. She has a degree in music and has enjoyed teaching piano for many years. She serves as concert director for the West Coast Ragtime Society.

Ragtime piano contests played an important and colorful role in ragtime’s history. The West Coast Ragtime Society seeks to continue this tradition by hosting a piano competition for

Performance Divisions

Limited to 20 students per division.

Division 1–ages 8 to 10—performing a teaching rag (no jazz).

Division 2–ages 11 to 14 p2A (Junior)—beginning students performing a published arranged rag or a rag written for beginning students

p2B (Classic)—students performing a vintage rag as written Division 3–ages 15 to18

Awards and Prizes

Division Prizes Division 3 and Division 2B (Classic)

pFirst Place, $100 and medal pSecond Place, $50 and medal

Division 2A (Junior) and Division 1 pFirst Place, $50 and medal pSecond Place, $25 and medal

Honorable Mention medals in all divisions will be awarded when merited and all contestants will receive

Certificates of Participation.

youth. The Society’s goal is to foster and encourage young pianists to play and enjoy ragtime by providing them with a forum in which to perform and be heard.

First Place division winners will be invited to participate in a Master Class with the highly acclaimed pianist, Jeff Barnhart, to be held at the West Coast Ragtime Festival, Saturday, November 17, 10:00 A.M. at the Red Lion Hotel Sacramento.

Master of most things musical, Jeff Barnhart is a first class ragtime and jazz pianist, vocalist, arranger, bandleader and recording artist who is known world-wide. He also performs with Ivory&Gold, the Titan Hot 7 plus two British jazz bands.

The Master Class marks a rare opportunity for young pianists to have the benefit of guidance by one of ragtime’s most talented and fun-loving artists.

To find out more about Jeff Barnhart, visit