2008 Winners Announced
3rd Annual West Coast Ragtime Society
Youth Ragtime Piano Competition

The 2008 West Coast Ragtime Society Youth Ragtime Piano Competition was held on November 8, at Trinity Cathedral in Sacramento. Students, ranging in age from 8 to 16, gathered in four divisions to play. This competition served one of the goals of the WCRS, which is to foster and encourage young pianists to play and enjoy ragtime. Judging were Jack Bradshaw, Tom Brier and Shirley Case.

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The 2008 place winners were:
  Division 1 (ages 8-10)
  First - Trey Armstrong - Spaghetti Rag (Lions & Josco/arr. Bill Irwin) 
Second - Calvin Dang - Dandelion Rag (Martha Mier)
Second - Adeline Zhou
- Jambalaya Rag (Martha Mier)
Honorable Mention - Kyla Leacox
- Pine Cone Rag (Martha Mier) 
Honorable Mention - Jessica Yeung - Good Time Rag (Martha Mier)

Front: Kyla Leacox, Calvin Dang, Adeline Zhou, Jessica Yeung
Back: Trey Armstrong

  Division 2A (ages 11-14 - Junior)
  First - Victor Chen - Good Time Rag (Martha Mier) 
Second - Shivani Sharma - Pine Cone Rag (Martha Mier) 
Honorable Mention - Christopher Correa - The Sycamore Rag (Scott Joplin, arr. A. Small)
Honorable Mention - Katrina Hill - Good Time Rag (Martha Mier)
Honorable Mention - Enoch Lin - Razzle Dazzle Rag (Martha Mier) 

Front: Christopher Correa, Victor Chen, Enoch Lin, Katrina Hill
Back: Shivani Sharma


Division 2B (ages 11-14 - Classic)

  First - Sergey Smirnov - Cataract Rag (Robert Hampton)
Second - Jamison Sloan - Efficiency Rag (James Scott)
Second - Linda Zhang - The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)
Honorable Mention - Jacenta Yu - Swipesy Cakewalk (Scott Joplin)
Honorable Mention - Michelle Zhang - Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin

Front: Michelle Zhang, Jamison Sloan, Linda Zhang, Jacenta Yu
Back: Sergey Smirnov


Division 3 (15-18)

  First - William Perkins - Kansas City Stomp (Jelly Roll Morton)
Second - Erika Ji - Bethena (Scott Joplin)
Second - Megan Mui - Graceful Ghost (William Bolcom) 
Honorable Mention - Vincent Johnson - Bluin’ the Black Keys (Arthur Schutt)
Honorable Mention - Joshua Spalding - Elite Syncopations (Scott Joplin)
Honorable Mention - Heather Yee - Peacherine Rag (Scott Joplin)

L-R Vincent Johnson, Erica Ji, Will Perkins, Megan Mui, Heather Yee, Josh Spalding