West Coast Ragtime Society
Dedicated to the preservation and promtion of Ragtime and vintage American music.
Membership Request
This Page Updated 4/10/2017

Individual Membership: $20

Couple's Membership: $30

Print the form below and complete.

Membership:  Please join or renew your yearly West Coast Ragtime Society membership today. (Membership becomes due on December 31 of each year.) Your membership serves as a vote of confidence, helps cover Society expenses, nets you discounts for WCRS-sponsored concerts, places you on the mailing list to receive our West Coast Ragtimer newsletter (published two times per year), and makes you welcome at WCRS Board meetings.
Contributions: We also welcome your voluntary contributions to aid the Society in its endeavors. We are a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Indicate Type Of Membership: Individual (   ) $20.00 Couple (   ) $30.00
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(1) To apply for membership: Print this form and fill it in.
(2) Send the completed form with your check payable to 
West Coast Ragtime Society & and mail to:
West Coast Ragtime Society
PO Box 13346
Sacramento, CA 95813-3346

For further information by email click here or call
Petra Sullivan at (916) 457-3324

Your WCRS Membership is Greatly Appreciated