Richard Zimmerman

Loves Park, Illinois
Added 3/22/02

Richard Zimmerman, ragtime performer, historian, author and producer, has single-handedly been greatly responsible for the recent worldwide revival of Ragtime.

He recorded THE COMPLETE WORKS OF SCOTT JOPLIN and more recently THE COLLECTOR'S HISTORY OF RAGTIME.  Both are considered to be milestones in the annals of ragtime recording.

As a producer he originated theatrical presentation of ragtime with his "Where It Was!" concert series in Los Angeles which featured ragtime stars of the present and the past - including the then forgotten Eubie Blake!  He has since produced and directed many ragtime concerts.

Worldwide appearances both live and on television include the Montreaux (Switzerland) Jazz Festival, BBC world service Radio and BBC-TV, Canadian Broadcasting Co. ragtime specials and Australia's Tropicarnival.

He has appeared in concert and at music festivals throughout the United States and Canada as well as being the Music Director of the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, Missouri. He is the recipient of the Scott Joplin Foundation Achievement Award in 1991.

Zimmerman was a founder of The Maple Leaf Club, America's organization devoted to preserving ragtime, and he edits its newsletter, THE RAG TIMES, which keeps ragtimers throughout the world up to date in this exciting and vital field of music.

In 1987 he was awarded the first place prize at the Mill Bridge Village Ragtime Competition - "CHAMPION RAGTIME PERFORMER OF THE WORLD".


Music Festivals
Scott Joplin Ragtime -Festival, Sedalia, MO (17 years)
St. Louis Ragtime Festival, St. Louts, MO (9 years)
National Ragtime & Traditional Jazz Festival, Golden, CO (2 years)
Central City Jazz Festival, Central City, CO (3 years)
Harvest Ragtime Revue, Maine (8 years)
Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
West Coast Ragtime Festival, Fresno, CA (10 years)
Carthage Ragtime Festival, Carthage, MO 4 years)
Tropicarnival, Gold Coast, Australia
Los Angeles Classic Jazz Festival (7 years)
Old Town Music Hall Ragtime Festival, El Segundo, CA (20 years)
Old-time Music Preservation Association, Decatur, IL (4 years)
Montreal Jazz Festival, Quebec, Canada (1996)
Tom Turpin Ragtime Festival, Savannah, GA (3 years)
Ragtime-Jasstime Festival, Alexandria Bay, NY (3 years)
Evergreen, CO Ragtime Bash (4 years)
Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival, Boulder, CO
Great American Brass Band Festival, Danville, KY (1997)
Monterey Dixieland Festival
Santa Rosa Classic Jazz Festival (1997).

Eubie Blake's 100th Birthday Concert, Shubert Theater, New York City
Edison Theater Ragtime Concerts, St. Louts (4 years)
"Where It Was," Los Angeles (5 years)
Redgrave Theater, Sussex, England
Mississippi State University (3 years)
Woodstock Opera House, Woodstock IL (2 years)
The Met, Spokane, WA (2 years)
Plus miscellaneous appearances throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Los Angeles Area: The Cine Grill, Vine Street Bar and Grill, McCabe's Guitar Shop, The Ice House.
The Strater Hotel, Durango, CO
The Cave, Vancouver, B.C.
Henney's, Spokane, WA
The 34 Club, St. Louis
The Emporium of Jazz, St. Paul

"Scott Joplin - His Complete Works" (5-CD set, 5-record set, 5-tape set)
"Scott Joplin, The Entertainer" (tape)
"Scott Joplin's Greatest Hits" (CD)
"The Collector's History of Ragtime" (5-record set)
"Gems of Texas Ragtime" (CD)
"Long Lost Blues" CD)
"Ragtime Favorites" (CD and tape)
"Rare Rags" (tape)
"The Evolution of Ragtime" (tape)
"Roots of Ragtime" (CD)
"Ragtime Encores" (tape)
4 LP's of ragtime songs with Ian Whitcomb
3 LP's of orchestral ragtime with The Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra.

"The New Grove Dictionary of American Music" (3 biographies)
"The Rag Times"(Editor for 27 Years)
"A Tribute to Scott Joplin and the Giants of Ragtime" for Charles Hansen Publication
"101 Rare Rags:"
"First Ladies of Hoosier Ragtime:"
"Gems of Texas Ragtime,"
"A Century of Ragtime" (2-CD set for Vanguard)
"The Return of Ragtime" (for "Destiny" Magazine): plus liner notes for various recordings.

"Where It Was! A Ragtime Happening"(5 years)
Bi-monthly meetings of The Maple Leaf Club (21 years)
Co-Producer of Vanguard's "A Century of Ragtime" 2-CD set (1997).
Plus miscellaneous concerts at The Mayfair Music Hall and Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles

Musical Director of The Scott Joplin Festival, Sedalia, MO (17 years).

"The Minstrel Man" (CBS)
"The Tonight Show", (NBC)
Channel 9 (Australia)
Two ragtime specials for Mississippi Public Television (1995-1996).

BBC and BBC-Worldwide, plus many regional shows on both public and private
broadcasting stations and networks.

"101 Rare Rags" (1988)
"First Ladies of Hoosier Ragtime" (1990)
"Lost and Found Rag" (1995)
"Gems of Texas Ragtime" (1996)

"Scott Joplin" (Universal Pictures)
"Scott Joplin, King of Ragtime Composers" (Pyramid Films)

1987 and 1988 - First place at All American Ragtime Music Festival, Strasburg, PA ("Champion Ragtime Performer of the World").

1991 -"Scott Joplin Award for achievement in Ragtime", Sedalia, MO.
1995 - Lifetime Achievement Award from International Ragtime-Jasstime Foundation, Alexandria Bay, New York.

"Gems of Texas Ragtime" recording
"Gems of St. Louis Ragtime" music folio and recording.