Tex Wyndham

Mendenhall, Pennsylvania
Added 9/1/04

Tex Wyndham is one of the country's best-known Dixieland jazz and ragtime musicians, having performed on the national festival and cruise circuit since 1968. Tex is a recognized authority on ragtime and traditional jazz and is a prolific author on the subjects. He performs as a ragtime soloist, band pianist and as cornetist and leader of The Rent Party Revelers, The Red Lion Jazz Band, and The MTB (Margery Thompson Birthday) Jazz Band.

Tex has written several books on Dixieland music. He's been writing columns and ragtime and classic jazz reviews for numerous publications over the last 35 years, including The American Rag, The Mississippi Rag and the Rag Times. From 1966 to 1997, he had more published reviews of ragtime, Dixieland jazz and related music recordings than any other U.S.-based writer. He also has more than 30 recordings of ragtime and jazz music on the market.

Tex has been headlining national ragtime and jazz festivals for many years, as well as playing jazz clubs and cruises. He conducts numerous music seminars every year, and his three ragtime and Dixieland appreciation programs have been widely broadcast and are used in music courses everywhere, from grade school to college level. Tex brings his unique mixture of extensive knowledge plus tastefully bawdy material to Orange County for the third time in 2004, after his spectacular successes in 2001 and 2003.