'Washboard Kitty' Wilson

Los Altos, California
Added 10/3/2011

Wearing her Ragtime Era costumes and festive hats, “Washboard Kitty” Wilson plays her special embellished washboards with thimble-tipped fingers, adding brushes, cymbals, bells and castanets as needed. She has provided her versatile percussion with various top ragtime pianists for several years, both at this festival, and in the Sutter Creek, Scott Joplin (Sedalia) and Blind Boone festivals, as well as in collaborative concert performances in northern and southern California and in Nevada.

In addition to her ragtime activities, Kitty participates in large washboard concerts at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and the Monterey Dixieland Festival. She has been a repeat guest artist with a bluegrass band from Asheville N.C. and plays both washboard and washtub bass regularly with the large Peninsula Banjo Band in San Jose. This weekend she will join various pianists, as well as playing in the Raspberry Jam Band.