Maurie Walker

Littleton, Colorado
Added 9/20/2011

Maurie Walker is a charter member of the Marty Eggers Ragtime Quartet which performed at the 2009 and 2010 Evergreen (Colorado) Jazz Festivals. He is a traditional jazz banjoist who has long maintained a parallel interest in ragtime while performing with such groups as the Dixie Wildcats of St Louis, the Excelsior Banjo Seranaders of Los Angeles, the Levee Loungers of Minneapolis-St Paul, and Denver's Queen City Jazz Band and Denver Nighthawks. Of interest to ragtimers among his various recordings are two with the Queen City Ragtime Ensemble, two with the Ragtime Banjo Commission, and the eagerly awaited debut recording of the Cali-Co Ragtime Quartet. This will be Maurie's first appearance at the West Coast Ragtime Festival and he will be performing primarily with the Cali-Co Ragtime Quartet at this year's festival.