Trebor Tichenor

St. Louis, Missouri
Added 2/24/2001

Trebor Tichenor is talented in many ragtime ways - composer - pianist - teacher - historian - editor - writer - collector - etc.  A native of Saint Louis, he was privately tutored in music, beginning on piano at the age of five. He discovered ragtime at age 13 through the recordings of Joe "Fingers" Carr. He began performing professionally in 1960 and co-founded the St. Louis Ragtimers in 1961.

In the early 1960s he published, with the late Russ Cassidy, a quarterly The Ragtime Review. His writings on ragtime have appeared  in all the major journals devoted to the music.

Trebor is one of the handful of elite who have received the Scott Joplin Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Scott Joplin Foundation in Sedalia for extraordinary contributions to the field of ragtime. He is a thoroughly seasoned ragtime pianist, a world class collector of ragtime sheet music and piano rolls, a major recording artist specializing in folk Ragtime, editor of Ragtime Rarities and Ragtime Rediscoveries, and co-author of Rags and Ragtime.

He hosted a weekly radio show Ragophile on station KWMU-FM for 15 years and has been teaching a ragtime history course at Washington University in Saint Louis for over 25 years.

He currently has three solo CDs in print  Tempus Ragorum, Those Southern Blues and his latest,  Wild Flower Rag.  He also has published a folio of his original works Tempus Ragorum, which contains all of his originals from his recording of the same name. His latest recording is The Tichenor Family Trio with with daughter Virginia Tichenor and son-in-law Marty Eggers.