Squeek Steele

Virginia City, Nevada
Added 3/22/2007

Squeek Steele, pianist, composer, teacher, entertainer, holds a Guinness World Record (1990 book, p. 18 under Squeek Moore) for playing more pieces of music on piano from memory. Classically trained at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, she plays a wide variety of musical styles from many different eras. She has performed internationally (Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Germany) as well as in the U.S. (New York, Wyoming, Virginia, Connecticut). She lives in the historic mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, where she teaches elementary music as well as piano students, and performs at the Bucket of Blood Saloon and the Gold Hill Hotel. She enjoys collecting ethnic music from the many islands of Indonesia having just made her 5th trip there last January. She has recorded 15 albums of American Popular Music of the early 20th century; see her website: www.goodoldsongs.com