St. Louis Ragtimers

St. Louis, Missouri
Don Franz - tuba

Trebor Tichenor - piano
Al Stricker - banjo and vocals  
 Bill Mason - cornet
Updated 7/20/2003 

The Saint Louis Ragtimers were formed in September 1961. Together, they studied various forms of popular American music, with emphasis on classic rags, folk rags of Missouri and traditional jazz. The group has recorded six CD albums.

Pianist and music researcher Trebor Jay Tichenor has developed one of the finest ragtime libraries in the country. His extensive collection of piano rolls, sheet music and rare recordings provide a valuable source of reference materials for the St. Louis Ragtimers. Trebor teaches a popular course in ragtime at Washington University. He has also produced several piano solo CD recordings, co-authored the book "Rags and Ragtime" and published several ragtime piano music folios.

The Saint Louis Ragtimers often perform aboard the Goldenrod Showboat, where the group has hosted a third of a century of annual Ragtime Festivals. The St. Louis Ragtimers have also appeared on the NBC Today Show, presenting the ragtime music of Missouri.