Sergey Smirnov

Palo Alto, California
Added 8/2/2009

Fourteen-year-old Sergey Smirnov is making his first appearance at this year's WCRS Festival. An accomplished classical pianist, in January of 2007, Sergey passed the audition in the prestigious American Fine Arts Festival which gave him an opportunity to perform in a youth concert in Carnegie Hall. Sergey became interested in ragtime when his teacher, Irina Sharogradskia, encouraged him to enter the West Coast Ragtime Society Youth Piano Ragtime Competition, November 2008, where he won first place in his division.

Sergey is also an active member in the El Camino Youth Symphony, based in Palo Alto, where he is a percussionist in the Senior Symphony. He has also appeared as a soloist with various El Camino Youth Orchestras performing movements of Haydn, Bach, and Mozart piano concertos.

Currently residing in Palo Alto, Sergey attends Palo Alto Senior High School. Aside from music, he also enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, computer programming, and pretty much anything