Patrick Skiffington
Sacramento, CA
Added 10/16/2013

Patrick Skiffington is a native of Sacramento who honed his chops within the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society. He is an alumnus of The New Traditionalists, the educational youth band of the STJS. Originally a bass player; Patrick switched to washboard a few years ago, as it is MUCH easier to carry. He is one half of the comedy and jazz duo The FreeBadge Serenaders (along with Greg Sabin) as well as the anchor of the rhythm section of The Crescent Katz; a tightly-knit small combo that specializes in what they call “pizza jazz”, playing happy tunes from the San Francisco jazz revival. Both groups have played nightclubs and festivals throughout the west coast; including The Hot Jazz Jubilee, The Sacramento Music Festival, and Dixieland Monterey. Patrick is deeply interested in the history of the washboard as used in jazz music, going so far as to start a washboard “museum” of instruments left by musicians who have gone to the great stage in the sky. Amongst his influences are washboard players of yesterday and today such as Ralf Reynolds, Bob Raggio, Paul “Hezzie” Trietsch and “Big Mama” Sue Kroninger . He counts himself fortunate to supplement his day job as a mail clerk by travelling the world playing and promoting the feel-good music that can be made on this humble laundry implement. Patrick first came to the WCRF in 2008 as a volunteer. Two years later, he was promoted to assistant to the Festival Director. Not content with simply remaining behind the scenes, he has now managed to impose himself upon some unsuspecting musicians at our festival. Catch him as a guest artist, sitting in with some great pianists all weekend long!