Sean Sharp

San Francisco, California
Added 10/2/2013

Sean Sharp is glad to be back for his fourth West Coast Ragtime Festival; this year, he will give a seminar on his favorite ragtime-era singer, Eddie Morton. Sean’s last ragtime appearance was at the 15th Annual Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, performing his illustrated-songs show with Frederick Hodges. He is an original member of 42nd St. Moon Productions; some of his favorite roles with that company have been in “The Good Companions,” “Darling of the Day” and “Three Sisters.” Sean has been seen impersonating the songwriter/performer Henry Russell at the Dickens Christmas Faire and singing with the Great Nickelodeon Show at the Giornate del Cinema Muto, the Telluride Film Festival, the Niles Silent Film Festival and the Castro Theatre. His other credits include singing in the Grace Cathedral Men’s Choir and performing with the Lamplighters and down the coast with the Great American Melodrama.