Tim Rotolo

Upland, California
Updated 9/16/2009

Tim Rotolo, age 16, is a senior at Upland High school in Upland, CA, where he is a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist. As a freshman and sophomore he played baritone in the nationally recognized Highlander Marching Band. He has also been active in Boys Scouts and attained the rank of Eagle Scout in 2009.

Tim began playing piano at age 5. His interest in ragtime began at Disneyland. During one visit, the audience was asked if anyone would like to play. He did, catching the attention of the afternoon featured performer. As a result, Tim was soon introduced to Johnny Hodges, who, for 25 years, was a featured pianist on Main Street Disneyland. Tim was blessed to study with Johnny for three years and then, about a year ago, he began taking lessons from Patrick Aranda.

Tim says he enjoys the upbeat, energetic Revival-style Ragtime which became popular in the 1950ís --ragging the top tunes of the ragtime era. He also enjoys playing a broad variety of music and has created his own arrangements of several old standards.

In addition to performing regularly at Galli's Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga, Tim has been privileged to perform at the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, the West Coast Ragtime Festival, and the Ragtime Corner at the Sacramento Jazz Festival. In 2009 he produced a CD titled Re-Keyed, which contains 16 songs.