Raspberry Jam Band

Auburn, California
Updated 9/11/2016

Formed in December 2005, the Raspberry Jam Band has become part of the music scene in the Sacramento, Sierra Foothills and Bay Area. They have participated in the Ragtime Corner of the Sacramento Music Festival (formerly known as the Jazz Jubilee), the West Coast Ragtime Festival, the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, Music for Humanity, Music on the Divide, Community Concert Series and the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival as well as many other concert venues. 

While the Raspberry Jam Band is frequently called “a ragtime band”, their repertoire covers music written over a period of more 100 years. Each member of the group improvises his/her own score, using piano sheet music as a guide – in other words, a jam band. The group specializes in a variety of ragtime compositions by contemporary composers.

Band members are:

Tom Brier is a nationally-and internationally-known ragtime pianist. He has made multiple CDs and has composed over 240 pieces of music some of which are played by the RJB. In his “real life” he is a computer programmer. Due to injuries sustained in a serious traffic accident on August 6th, 2016, Tom will be unable to perform at this year's festival. The band will carry on in some form, possibly with guest pianists.

Julia Riley is the band manager. She plays flute, piccolo and bass flute with the RJB and has been instrumental in forming and performing with other small ensembles.

Cheryl Woldseth plays violin with the RJB. She is a music teacher, plays in an international handbell choir and is director of the Nevada County Concert Band.

John Massey is a well-known guitarist in Northern California. He collaborates with many other musicians and performs frequently as a soloist. He is a retired first-grade teacher and gives music lessons.

Kelley Kelly is the vocalist for the RJB. She acquired her love of music from her father and has performed a wide variety of music with a number of groups. She is the newest member of the RJB.

Doug Davies plays multiple instruments. He plays string bass with the RJB. In addition to his “day job” with Hewlett Packard, he plays with multiple groups and gives music lessons.