Ragtime Skedaddlers

San Francisco, CA
Added 9/26/2014

The Ragtime Skedaddlers are Dennis Pash on banjo-mandolin, Nick Robinson on mandolin, and Mike Schwartz on guitar and banjo. They play rags, cakewalks, marches, waltzes, and latin-tinge pieces from vintage mandolin and guitar sheet music arrangements.

Dennis Pash has spent the greater part of his adult life researching string ragtime, and particularly that of the states of Kansas and Missouri. In addition to mandolin, he also plays banjo, guitar, and piano. Dennis is well known to ragtime enthusiasts as the founder of the legendary Etcetera String Band.

Nick Robinson plays the second mandolin part which is unique to the published string arrangements. Nick has played a variety of music, including American old time, klezmer, and Indonesian gamelan.

Mike Schwartz studied with ragtime fingerstyle guitar great Rev. Gary Davis, and learned jazz arranging and theory at the Manhattan School of Music and the New School in New York City.