Ragtime Skedaddlers

San Francisco, CA
Updated 9/23/2010

Nick Robinson (mandolin), Dennis Pash (banjo, mandolin), Dave Krinkel (guitar)

The Ragtime Skedaddlers - Dennis Pash on banjo-mandolin, Nick Robinson on mandolin, Dave Krinkel on guitar - were formed in 2008 to play ragtime string band arrangements from the original scores. Dennis Pash is well known to ragtime enthusiasts as the founder of the legendary Etcetera String Band. He is an extraordinarily expressive player. No one is better at bringing out the folk roots that underlie so many ragtime compositions. In addition to numerous festival appearances as a performer, Dennis has written and lectured on the development of string ragtime. Nick Robinson plays the second mandolin part which is unique to the published string arrangements. Nick has played a variety of musics, including American old time, klezmer, and Indonesian gamelan. Dave Krinkel is an accomplished guitarist who also plays with the traditional American old time band, the Tea Sippers.

Praise for their debut CD "Rag Time Skedaddlers":

"A wonderful mix of classic and obscure ragtime music played by a trio of banjo-mandolin (Dennis Pash), mandolin (Nick Robinson) and guitar (Dave Krinkel)... They have put some serious work into doing justice to this music. Each member plays his part with authority, and their enjoyment is almost palpable."
-John Goodin, Mandolin Journal

"The blend of instruments and talent seems truly ideal. It is immediately obvious that they not only love the music but they also care about playing it right." 
-Jack Rummel, www.ragtimers.org/

"An absolute delight that will cheer you up on even the bluest of days."
-Nan Bostick, CD Baby