Ragnolia Ragtette

Gilroy, California
Updated 10/19/2013
The Ragnolia Ragtette mixes the elegant to humorous gems of the ragtime era with some of the newer, favorite contemporary rags. Listen as this artful combination of 4-hand piano, tuba and percussion present parlor tunes that burst forth in high ragtime style. Playing the music that originated from the recreational houses on one side of the tracks and later made its way to the upstanding respectable, family homes on the other, Ragnolia brings the ragtime era to life. Itís ragtime with enthusiasm. This ensemble made its debut at the 2008 Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival. 
Chris Bradshaw, piano
Jack Bradshaw, piano
Robyn Truitt Drivon, tuba
Steve Drivon, trombone, uke, percussion and vocals