Pacific Coast Ragtime Orchestra
Pacifica, California
Added Updated 11/8/2014

 The Pacific Coast Ragtime Orchestra is a group of ten musicians dedicated to playing and preserving turn- of-the-century ragtime music. The Ragtimers, organized in 1980 by music teachers from Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, coastal towns south of San Francisco play dance and casual music written between 1885 and 1920. Bios for the ten musicians, click here.

The band’s repertoire reflects the cares and celebrations of a gentler time. Along with “The Entertainer” and “Maple Leaf Rag,” they play such nostalgic obscurities as “Au Revoir but Not Goodby, Soldier Boy,” " Frenchy Come to Yankeeland,”  “Morning Glory Lane, and “Vampire Gallop.” 

Although the group may be described as a novelty band because it eschews contemporary music, it aims to reproduce faithfully the sounds of the ragtime generation. Many of PCRO’s selections are Scott Joplin tunes, arranged by Gunther Schuller. Most of the musical scores are yellow and crumbling with age, but the orchestra feels that these poignant works deserve to be kept alive.

The orchestra has performed at the 2002 Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, Missouri, the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society in Half Moon Bay, at the 25th anniversary of the Maple Leaf Club in Los Angeles with ragtime greats Wally Rose and Max Morath, the Classic Jazz Festival in Los Angeles, the Monterey Bay Ragtime Festival in Watsonville.

They are regular performers at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee in May and the West Coast Ragtime Festival in November. They have made several recordings.

To contact the orchestra, write:

Michael Hart
603 Farallon Ave.
Pacifica, CA, 94044
or call (650) 355-1731 
or email Sue Horn: