Jonathan Meredith
Grass Valley, California
Updated 11/10/2015

Jonathan Meredith has been playing finger-style ragtime guitar for about 40 years. He plays both nylon and steel string guitars for both classical rags and parlor rags as well as ragtime arrangements of original, popular, jazz, novelty tunes from the 30's and 40's. He plays in and around the foothill area of Nevada City and Grass Valley. In the mid 1980's he produced a series called "Ragtime" in Nevada City featuring piano, guitar, dancing, slideshows, history, cakewalks and ensemble groups. Jonathan also produced a series of California and Klondike Gold Rush productions which were performed locally and at  the Huntington Library in Pasadena. Vocal and instrumental arrangements of Fats Waller's tunes will also be heard. Jonathan also plays gypsy jazz , country swing and old timey music in a band with his wife, Margo, called "The Buffalo Crossing".

Jonathan Meredith and 'Buffalo Crossing' is a string band firmly rooted in the old-time music tradition, with a vast repertoire to suit any audience and any occasion. From traditional fiddle tunes to modern classics in an old time style, from country rags to swing, 'Buffalo Crossing' will show you a good time. 'Buffalo Crossing' consists of Jonathan Meredith; guitar and vocals, Margo Meredith; fiddle and vocals, Ann Meigs; mandolin, accordion and vocals, Michael Bremer; banjo and vocals, Philip Wright; bass.