Frank Livolsi

Peace Dale, Rhode Island
Added 8/18/2011

Frank Livolsi began studying piano at age 7 at the Knapp School of Music, in Peace Dale, Rhode Island, under the classical training of Mrs. Julia Tombello. He became interested in ragtime after hearing Alexander's Ragtime Band when he was about 13. Since then ragtime has been the mainstay of his repertoire, though he certainly doesn’t play it exclusively. He has composed a number of pieces, including 8 rags, one of which he recently copyrighted.

He is an eagle scout (now an assistant scoutmaster for his old troop), and was awarded the Young American Award last year by the Narragansett Council, BSA. He is a centennial scholar at the University of Rhode Island, studying mechanical engineering, and may pursue a Masters degree after graduation in the spring of 2012.