Florian Krüger
Schmidthachenbach, Germany
Added 10/16/2013

Coming all the way from Schmidthachenbach, Germany, a small village near Mainz, is Florian Krueger, who plays both piano and accordion. He has had thirteen years of music education and mainly plays ragtime. Florian is also a ragtime composer and you will be able to hear some of his works here at the festival. He performs five nights a week at the Park Hotel in Idar-Obenstein. You can find many of his performances on YouTube.

Paying close attention to every costuming detail, Florian’s hobby is making and painting collectable tin figures and miniatures of historical figures of the 18th Century. He also likes to travel to Switzerland to hike in the Swiss Alps and he is very interested in the German political scene. Florian plans to study music and history in Bavaria and wants someday to be a music and history teacher.