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Max Keenlyside

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Updated 11/12/2008

At age 16, Max Keenlyside is a composer, performer, and publisher of ragtime.

His sister taught him how to play piano, starting when he was 9. Then he heard the soundtrack of The Sting, and became determined to learn ragtime. He researched the music, learned music theory and harmony, and developed a repertoire of ragtime-era music. More recently, Max has added stride, and the traditional jazz of pianists like Jelly Roll Morton.

Max placed second in the Junior Division of the 2007 World Championship Old Time Piano Playing Contest. At this year's Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival, he performed his compositions, Honey Roasted Rag and Newfoundlander's Rag.

Max single handedly produced his debut recording, Charlottetown Rambler, and it is available through the Authentic Ragtime Company.  He is co-founder is that company, which publishes sheet music and recordings by Max and other composers.