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Max Keenlyside
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Added 11/16/2013

Max Keenlyside, is a dazzling pianist and formidable composer and has made an auspicious entry into the music world. Born in 1991 and starting in music at the age of ten, he has written and performed music in ragtime, stride, and classical styles, gaining a reputation as a top young artist in his field.

In 2009, Max represented Prince Edward Island in the National Artist’s Program, held in the conjunction with the Canada Games. A favorite at jazz and ragtime events around the world, he has headlined at the Scott Joplin, West Coast Ragtime, and Blind Boone festivals. While equally at home in ragtime and classical styles, he is especially lauded for his stride and traditional jazz chops. These demanding, two-handed and rich piano styles were crafted by the likes of “Jelly Roll” Morton, Fats Waller, and James P. Johnson; Max plays them all with a stylistic flair and an ear for detail.

Having composed since elementary school, Max’s compositions have garnered critical acclaim. He wrote the concert march processional music for his own high school graduation, and his “Northern Lights Rag” has become a fixture on the ragtime scene.

In addition to festivals, Max regularly plays solo concerts and has given a program for a live audience on CBC Radio. His debut release, KeenlyStride, was issued in 2010 on the Rivermont label. This was followed by Mostly Max in 2012, featuring a plethora of Max’s original compositions alongside the old classics. Max currently performs around North America, and is composing his first Symphony for orchestra.