Vincent Johnson

Sierra Madre, California
Added 11/8/2014

Vincent Johnson’s multifaceted approach to ragtime and syncopated piano music is both forward thinking and historically minded. As a pianist, he is dedicated to the oft-forgotten novelty piano style and peppers his performances with renditions of rarely heard compositions. As a transcriber, he is as likely to be transcribing a syncopated song arrangement from a Duo-Art piano roll as he is to be transcribing the latest composition of a fellow Southern California ragtimer. As a composer, Johnson combines the format and parlance of historical rags and piano novelties with his own humor and sensibilities to create a personal, unique style. His “… And So Fourth!” won 1st prize in the 2014 World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing New Rag Contest. Vincent regularly performs at ragtime clubs and festivals throughout California, and his compositions have been formally programmed by pianists from Manhattan to Hungary. Johnson’s debut CD My Pet, featuring novelty piano solos, was released in 2013.