Maurice Imhof

Zurich, Switzerland
Updated 10/30/2015

Maurice Imhof is 19 years old and lives in Uitikon, near Zurich (Switzerland). He has played the piano since he was 6. His enormous joy of playing was guided for more than 8 years with experience, caution and gentle patience by pianist and teacher Benjamin Kellerhals, who therefore made a considerable contribution to his development. 

Maurice Imhof attended Rämibühl A+S (Art and Sport) grammar school and is now studying piano at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). In the classical field, he is being trained by Prof Hans-Jürg Strub, while Dave Ruosch, freelance pianist and lecturer, is teaching him in jazz, boogie-woogie and stride piano. 

Maurice Imhof regularly performs at concerts and special events and has already successfully participated in various piano competitions. In addition to numerous awards and prizes in previous years, he won first prizes in the 2011 Swiss Youth Music Competition in the regional competition and in the final. His participation in the Swiss Youth Ragtime Piano Competition in 2011 was just as successful and this led to him being invited to perform at various events at the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento in the US. He was the youngest pianist to receive such an invitation. More recently, he has played, among other performances, with David Ruosch and Buddha Scheidegger and presented his first CD “Classic Meets Jazz”. At the West Coast Ragtime Festival he will also present his newest compositions, for example the Jazz version of Tschaikowsky’s first piano concert.