Rosemary “Rosie” Hallum

Alameda, CA
Updated 6/16/2008

Pianist Rosemary Hallum is also known as “Rosie,” writer for American Rag (with her monthly column “Rosie’s Corner”), Clavier piano magazine and Body Fitness magazine of Spain.

Rosie enjoys playing ragtime and novelty, built upon a classical background. She has performed at the Ragtime Corners of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and at the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, plus piano festivals in Amalfi, Italy; Manchester, England; and Sopron, Hungary. She studies with Frederick Hodges and has had coaching lessons with Tony Caramia and Morton Gunnar Larsen. A highlight for her in 2007 was playing Maple Leaf Rag with Bobby McFerrin.

Rosie has published over 300 articles, including interviews with stars in music (Dave Brubeck, Woody Allen, Marian McPartland, James Brown), sports (world champions in bodybuilding and fitness) and cooking (Julia Child, Ming Tsai).

An ASCAP member, Rosie earned a Ph.D. in Music & Movement Education, produced 32 children’s music albums, and has teaching experience from preschool through university levels.