Andrew Green
Annapolis, Maryland
Updated 9/6/2016

Andrew Greene is the founder and director of the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra, and is the leading young authority on orchestral ragtime and silent film accompaniment. Mr. Greene founded the Peacherine Orchestra while a freshman at the University of Maryland, hoping to draw attention to this neglected but historically important music.

He is the curator of the Arthur C. Ziegler, E.J. McBride, Katherine Lingham, Louis H. Burns, and Palm Leaf Ragtime Orchestra collections, along with his own personal collection of orchestrated ragtime, silent movie music, theater and dance selections, piano solos, and records. The collection totals over 10,000 selections from 1862 to 1950, with an emphasis on the music of 1880 to 1929.

Mr. Greene has appeared at leading venues including The Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian Institution, The Library of Congress, The American Film Institute, and has traveled across the United States to perform, conduct, and lecture on the music of America’s past. Mr. Greene guest conducted the South Dakota Symphony Chamber Orchestra at the age of 22 in September 2013, underscoring the silent comedy of Charlie Chaplin. Frequently Mr. Greene leads seminars based on his research, presenting at ragtime festivals and other events. His website is