David Thomas Roberts
Walnut Creek, California
Added 10/10/2014

Neo-Romantic composer/pianist David Thomas Roberts (b. 1955) began composing, painting and writing at age eight. His first serious compositions reflect the influence of such composers as Chopin, Satie, Joplin and Ives. He has composed 140 solo piano works, including the major suites Map Dreams and New Orleans Streets, as well as chamber pieces, art songs, choral and electronic works. He recorded 5 LPs (1978-1985), and has appeared on 20 CDs, many devoted to his own compositions. DTR has been heard on ABC's "Good Morning America," National Public Radio's "All Things Considered," and across Canada on CBC Radio. His eclectic suite, New Orleans Streets (1981-1985) was hailed by historian Al Rose in I Remember Jazz as "the single most important contribution to the culture of New Orleans in the past fifty years." He now performs regularly for worldwide audiences via ConcertWindow.com webcasts, featuring a variety of Americana and Post Modernist compositions.