The Drivons
Woodland, California
Added 10/8/2014

The Drivons became part of the West Coast ragtime movement in 2003 when Robyn began performing on tuba with the Porcupine Ragtime Ensemble. Soon after, Steve joined in playing trombone, and their new love for ragtime was born. Soon, Steve started showing up with his drums, which fostered the Sullivans & Drivons quartet. Since 2007, Robyn and Steve have been enjoying working with Chris and Jack Bradshaw as the Ragnolia Ragtette. The Drivons have become known to many ragtime fans and musicians as familiar and welcomed performers in a number of festivals and concerts from Switzerland to California.

Since 2009, the Drivons have performed as a duo at both the Sutter Creek and West Coast Ragtime Festivals. With Robyn on tuba, Steve will sing some of their favorite ragtime era songs while adding rhythm and chords on tenor guitar. 

Robyn Drivon has played the tuba since she was 10 years old, and has now oompahed with orchestras, symphonic bands, and brass ensembles in California and the Midwest, including several European tours. An accomplished tubist, Robyn relinquished her position with the Stockton Symphony in 1986 to begin law school. In 2006 she and hubby Steve moved to Woodland, Calif., and she is currently County Counsel for El Dorado County. Since entering the Ragtime scene, Robyn has started studying the piano, and loves it! The grand kids call her "Nama".

Steve "Pops" Drivon has enjoyed a career's worth of traditional jazz, early American pop, and band music accomplishments. He has toured since the 1970s with the Port City Jazz Band as well as 11 years with the Washboard Wizardz and most recently with the Rock Bottom Boys. Steve also toured previously with his one-man show, Stevie the Musical Clown, and as crooner/lead trombonist with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Currently, Pops is enjoying being "not on the Road" spending the time now with Robyn, kids and grand kids, bicycles, and Turk, their big labradoodle.