Bill Clark

Denver, Colorado
Updated 5/24/2011

Bill Clark, tubist and leader of the Queen City Jazz Band, is a music professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. His favorite teaching endeavor is the Claim Jumpers, one of the Nation's finest college Dixieland bands. The CJs have performed in Munich and at the Moscow Conservatory, and have been featured at many jazz festivals across the country.

Like John Bartmann, Bill also performed on the Ed Sullivan Show when he was touring the country with the Your Father's Mustache Band. Like Rory Thomas, he set a goal to play with the QCJB when he heard the band as a high school student. Bill enjoys working on his old VWs and hiking in the rugged Colorado Rockies.

This will be Bill's first appearance at the West Coast Ragtime Festival and he will be performing primarily with the Cali-Co Ragtime Quartet at this year's festival.