Jack and Chris Bradshaw

Gilroy, California
Added 10/11/2011

With 88 keys and 20 fingers at their disposal, classically trained ragtime piano duo artists, Jack and Chris Bradshaw, of Gilroy California, righteously proclaim having the most piano keys held down at any one time--many of them right! Not going for speed, their quest is for clarity and classic ragtime charm as their fingers dance off the keyboard to Jack’s four-hand arrangements of popular rags, cakewalks, marches and novelty numbers. Jack also performs solos to round out their programs.

Besides performing at West Coast, this lively pair gets around and has appeared at the Sutter Creek, Scott Joplin, Blind Boone, Shaniko, and the Fresno Flats Ragtime Festivals, and at Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo. The rollicking road to ragtime thus far has taken them to eleven states, Canada and this fall, they ventured on to Zürich, Switzerland for a youth ragtime competition and to play a few tunes. They also play in the Ragnolia Ragtette with the Drivons and as the Piano & Pipes Ragtime Trio with theater organist, William Coale.