Mimi Blais
la nouvelle reine du ragtime
Montréal, Qc, Canada
Added 10/9/2014 

The ragtime world knows Mimi Blais as a wonderful ragtime pianist and performer, but she’s much more than that. This French Canadian multitalented lady is also a composer, arranger, teacher, actress, comedienne, stage director and writer. She’s been meteoric in her quick rise to ragtime fame; masterful in her technique, performance and understanding of several musical genres; magnetic in her personality and communication with her audiences; mighty in her command of the keyboard, especially those octave passages; and mischievous in her wit and humor.

She’s always enthusiastic and upbeat, delivering performances that are solid and inspiring. This past year she has seemed better than ever before, playing with incredible musicality and giving seminars that combined in-depth analysis, contemplation, and theatricality – an unlikely combination! But if you saw her in her form-fitting black satin and lace slip talking about Ragtime as an Art, you’d understand what I mean! 

What a woman! Mimi is indeed marvelous, both as a performer and as a person. . . . Dr.Rosemary Hallum, Excerpt from "Marvelous Mimi" in American Rag

Mimi has CDs available at the Ragtime Store. She will be touring in the USA early next year. Check her website for schedule and more details. www.mimiblais.com