"Big Mama" Sue & "Fast Eddie" Erickson

Santa Cruz, California
Added 10/10/2014
The Sue & Ed show began as a “casuals” duo in 1988 and has continued to this day to enchant general audiences with a mix of Americana, Ragtime, Early Jazz and Blues, and much much more. Although this is their first appearance at a Ragtime Festival, the duo have a wide repertoire of ragtime and ragtime era music which they are excited about presenting.

Big Mama Sue (washboard, vocals): is a veteran of festivals, fairs and events all over the US, Canada, and France. Sue plays washboard and combines the singing styles of Red Hot Mama, blues, swing and jazz standards for a balanced performance, which is intended to entertain almost any audience. She started on the festival circuit with the Monterey Bay Classic Jazz Band, has appeared in the past with Churchill Street, Classic
Jass, The San Francisco Starlight Orchestra, and has toured extensively with Fast Eddie Erickson as a duo. Sue was chosen musician of the year for Dixieland Monterey 2005. Sue and Eddie have been presenting educational programs through the adult learning program “Road Scholars” (formerly Elderhostel) for more than 10 years.\

Fast Eddie Erickson (banjo, vocals): is widely known and loved on the Dixieland festival circuit and jazz cruise circuit, as one of the finest banjo players on the plectrum-stye banjo. His witty ability to charm almost any audience makes him a universal favorite, and he has enchanted audiences on almost every continent. He has played with the best: The Abalone Stompers, Jackie Coon Quintet, BED (now the Rebecca Kilgore Quartet) plus many many allstar groups including Arbors Records all star cruises. Together, Ed and Sue have played as a duo for more than 22 years, and have played such diverse venues as shopping malls, used car dealerships, backyard barbeques, beach parties, hospitals, assisted living facilities, corporate events, weddings, and on and on.