Andrew Barrett
Costa Mesa, California

As a toddler, Andrew Barrett's frequent trips to the Central Park carousel led to an interest in band organs, orchestrions, and other automatic musical instruments, together with a taste for the turn of the century tunes they played.

Andrew has a dual interest in percussion and ragtime piano. His ragtime piano playing is largely self-taught. His compositions are influenced by a variety of modern-day ragtime composers as well as vintage and modern music of all types.

At the 2008 Old-Time Piano-Playing Contest in Peoria, Illinois, he placed sixth in the Adult Division. In the New Rag contest, he won second place for his Humanitaur Rag.

He has played at RagFest, the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival and the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival. He performs at ragtime societies in his area, including Rose Leaf Ragtime Club, Orange County Ragtime Society, and Valley Ragtime Stomp!. He also plays percussion and/or keyboards with several bands.