Ramona Baker
San Bruno, California
Updated 9/11/2016

Ramona Sidney Baker is 15 years old and has been playing ragtime for four years under Virginia Tichenor, but she has been interested in ragtime for many more years than that. She credits her father, noted jazz musician Clint Baker, as the one who first interested her in this addictive music. It started with a few records from the 1900s that had ragtime dance music on them, which Ramona recalls hearing when she was three to four years old. Ramona tries her hardest to dig through the oldest examples of recorded ragtime on cylinders and early disc records, looking for the long-forgotten pianists behind all of the great singers of the period. She will be performing some of the rarest pieces at the festival. Besides West Coast, Ramona has performed at the Sutter Creek, Santa Cruz, and Scott Joplin Ragtime Festivals.