Pamela Harris Adams
San Francisco Bay Area, California
Updated 11/11/2012

Pamela Harris Adams was born January 29th, 1951 to the proud parents James Monroe Harris (deceased), and Evelena Louise Harris. They named her Pamela Maxine Harris. She is the eldest of three children. Her siblings are Vincent and Joyce. The three siblings began singing together at a very early age forming the Harris Trio. Pamela attended her musical training from elementary school through college at Holy Names University where she received her B.A. in Music with an emphasis on Performance.

Pamela has performed in the Bay Area in concerts; civic activities, weddings, funerals, and various church services. She has also performed internationally with the Voices of Bebee Concert Choir.  Currently Pamela directs her church choir, “The Voices of Faith” at the Faith Fellowship Worship Center in San Leandro under the leadership of Senior Pastor Gary Mortara.

Pamela Adams’ greatest joy is singing praises to God. She truly loves to make a “Joyful Noise” unto the Lord!!!

Pamela and her sister, Joyce Grant, are the great great nieces of Uncle Scott Joplin. Their grandmother was Mattie Joplin Harris. Grandma Mattie's father was Scott Joplin's older brother. The sisters will be guest vocalists with the Pacific Coast Ragtime Festival at this year's festival.