Daniel Souvigny
Hampshire, Illinois
Added 10/16/2013

Daniel Souvigny is a 13 year old who lives in Hampshire, IL. He loves music and has a big passion for ragtime. He has been playing the piano since the age of 5, and began serious technique training at the age of 10. He currently studies classical, jazz and ragtime music. 

In 2012, at the age of 11 years old, Daniel became one of the youngest to win 1st place in the Junior World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest in Peoria, IL. He's had the honor of performing at the Eau Claire, WI Ragtime Festival, the Blind Boone Festival in Columbia, MO and the Scott Joplin Festival in Sedalia, MO where he was described as "the new sensation who played with power and surprising musicality". His first CD "Tearin' Up the Keys" was released in February 2013. Daniel is thrilled to be performing at the WCRF!