Adam Swanson
Shenandoah, Iowa
Updated 8/12/07

Adam Swanson is a fifteen-year-old pianist originally from Michigan, but now living in a little town in southwest Iowa called Shenandoah. He discovered ragtime on his grandparents’ “Web-TV,” and has been playing the piano about five years. Adam is a three-time junior champion of the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest, held in Peoria, Illinois, and recently placed fifth in the adult division.

Adam has performed at popular ragtime and early jazz festivals everywhere from Wisconsin, Missouri, and California, to the Republic of Hungary. He has played with many other major ragtime and early jazz artists, including the great Johnny Maddox. Adam has studied with Waleed Howrani of Ann Arbor, Michigan and plays the trumpet in school. He is also an avid-rail fan, collects antique sheet music and records. Adam’s recent CD is entitled “Chestnut Street In The 90s.”