Sullivans & Drivons
Sacramento, California
Updated 2005

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This delightful group is a smaller version of the famed Porcupine Ragtime Ensemble of Sacramento and is made up of Bub and Petra Sullivan and Robyn and Steven Drivon. In this configuration, Bub handles vocals and plays mandolin and various string instruments. Petra plays piano. Robyn holds everything down with her wonderful tuba playing and Steven plays trombone, percussion and whatever else is needed. Petra received her college degree in classical music and now teaches piano and violin. Bub discovered Ragtime while attending medical school in St. Louis. Raised with classical piano, he later played various string instruments and keyboard in bluegrass, jug, and rock groups. He and Petra discovered the kindred spirits starting the Sacramento Ragtime Society in 1982 and have lived happily ever after. Robyn has played tuba since she was 10 years old in Missouri and has oompahed with orchestras, symphonic bands, and brass ensembles all over the US and in Europe. She is now Assistant County Counsel in Stockton and is happily married to trombonist/percussionist/vocalist Steve Drivon of the Port City Jazz Band and the Washboard Wizards.