Squeek Steele

Virginia City, Nevada
Added 3/22/2002

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Squeek Steele will make her fourth appearance at the Festival having last entertained ragtime fans at the 2002 Festival. Squeek heard her first ragtime pieces on her family’s player piano while growing up in Kentucky. Since then she has played ragtime both in the United States and abroad. 

Originally trained in classical piano at Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio, Squeek currently resides in the old mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, where she plays at the Bucket of Blood Saloon or down at the "Gold Hill Hotel" or maybe at home in her 1878 house on Main Street, where she has a guest house that you can rent, with an old piano in it, of course.

In 1988 Squeek played her way into the Guinness Book of World Records by performing on the piano one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two (1,852) songs from memory in a three week period. She's been learning more ever since. Her World Record has not yet been broken.