Sue Schmitt

Los Altos, California
Added 7/27/06 

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Sue Schmitt earned her Bachelor of Music degree in 1964 from the Eastman School of Music, followed by a Masters degree in Music at Queens College on Long Island. She taught music in the public schools and had a piano studio on Long Island. It was in the early 70's that Sue discovered ragtime music at Max Morath's one-man show in NYC (several years before "The Sting" was produced).

In 1978 Sue relocated to the Bay Area in California and specialized in teaching from her home studio for the next 20 years. During that time she gave piano concerts at nursing homes and retirement centers on the Peninsula that featured ragtime and a variety of other piano styles 

Since retiring in 1999 Sue has performed frequently at ragtime festivals and during her world travels. She participates in various ragtime groups at the Sacramento Ragtime Society in Davis and the South Valley Music Makers in Gilroy. Sue has been privileged to play several years at the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia and various other ragtime festivals around the country.

Sue especially enjoys playing compositions by current ragtime composers such as Max Morath, Bob Milne, Trebor Tichenor, Scott Kirby, Steve Standiford, Steven Stiller, Martin Jaeger, Nan Bostick, and others. Searching out less frequently performed rags "is lots of fun." Her audiences particularly like the historical information she always includes about ragtime and the compositions she plays.