Sarah Roth Vanegas

Davis, CA
Added 10/30/2007

Sarah Roth Vanegas specializes in American music. She began playing ragtime at 8 years old and has been a fan of ragtime and its South American cousins ever since. A trip to Bogotá, Colombia to visit her husband’s family in December 2006 sparked the discovery of largely forgotten Colombian piano works written around the beginning of the 20th century. These Colombian dances have a resemblance to ragtime yet are infused with fresh South American rhythms that Vanegas reincarnates after decades of silence.

A native of Oregon, she recently graduated with a Masters degree in Nutrition at Oregon State University and is now residing and working in Davis, CA. She gave a “Music of the Americas” concert as a university senior project highlighting South American and Cuban composers alongside contemporary composers Frank French and Scott Kirby. She has appeared at the Sacramento, Fresno, and Scott Joplin Ragtime Festivals as well as the Boulder, CO Rocky Mountain Ragtime festival. You may hear her perform the works of Scott Joplin, Frank French, Ernesto Nazareth, and Ernesto Lecuona among others.