John Remmers

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Added 6/28/06 

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John Remmers was born in Lafayette, Indiana, and for the last several decades has lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he moved to attend graduate school in mathematics at the University of Michigan. After receiving his doctorate, he became a faculty member in mathematics and computer science at Eastern Michigan University, a position from which he recently retired after thirty-five years of service.

John has been playing the piano since childhood and ragtime from the early 1970s, when he became entranced by the musical form upon hearing Joshua Rifkin's recordings of Scott Joplin's piano rags. After a swing into harpsichord playing and early music in the 1980s, John's musical focus returned to ragtime in the 1990s, and he became a frequent after-hours performer at ragtime festivals around the country.

In recent years, John's involvement with ragtime has intensified. He has been featured on the programs of the Scott Joplin Festival, the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, the Lake Superior Ragtime Festival, the Blind Boone Festival, and the Ragtime-Jasstime Festival in Alexandria Bay, New York. He has appeared as guest soloist for the Classic Ragtime Society of Indiana and has competed in the Old-Time Piano Playing Contest in Peoria, Illinois.