Raspberry Jam Band

Auburn, California
Updated 7/4/2007

Formed in December 2005, the Raspberry Jam Band has become part of the ragtime scene in the Sacramento and Sierra foothills areas. They have participated in the Ragtime Corner of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, West Coast Ragtime Festival, and have been featured at Auburn Concert Band performances. They perform at the Sacramento Ragtime Society and The Mother Lode Ragtime Society meetings.

Interested in playing diverse works from classic ragtime to contemporary works, the group's byword is variety. Eclectic in nature, the Raspberries especially seek out obscure or seldom performed rags and feature the works of various contemporary composers. The addition of slide whistles, kazoos, costuming and props add an element of whimsy to their performances. Often featured is "The Sign Lady", who announces the numbers in unique and interesting ways.

Julia Riley, Mark Meeker, George Preston, and Mary Preston also perform as the Ragtime Rascals Rampage in the Auburn area and are members of the Auburn Concert Band. Another subset of the Raspberries (Tom Brier and the Saloon Sweeties) includes Julie Austin, Tom Brier, Mary Preston, Julia Riley and Kitty Wilson. Vocalist Julie Austin performs as a soloist accompanied by Tom Brier and Julia Riley.