Larry Karp

Seattle, WA
Added 9/5/2007

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Larry Karp is a mystery novelist, a former physician, and a collector-restorer of antique music boxes. What he is not, to his eternal frustration, is a musician - can't read music, write it, play it. But at least he can listen, and for many years, his favorite musical genre has been ragtime.

Larry used his personal experience to write a music box mystery series (The Music Box Murders, Scamming the Birdman, and The Midnight Special), and the medical-ethics historical, First, Do No Harm. Along the way, he became so interested in the unexplained fact that John Stark saw fit to give Scott Joplin a royalties contract for Maple Leaf Rag that he decided to write the matter up as historical fiction. He had such a good time pestering the staff at Sedalia's Carnegie Library, and attending ragtime festivals in the name of doing research, that he decided to expand The Ragtime Kid into a mystery trilogy. The second book, tentatively titled The King of Ragtime is scheduled for publication in October, 2008.

 Larry and Myra, his tolerant and supportive wife, fled the East Coast years ago and were granted asylum in Seattle, where they still live.