Brian Holland
Fort Worth, Texas
Added 3/13/06

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Brian Holland has rapidly become one of the most lauded performers of ragtime and stride piano in America. Constantly developing new and exciting styles of performance, Brian continues to enthrall audiences by combining impressively dexterous pyrotechnics with a very laid-back approach. The result is remarkable accuracy and flair with seemingly little or no effort.

Beginning his musical existence at the age of three, Brian grew up living a "Ragtime Life." His grandparents raised him to love all kinds of music, but particularly styles from the turn of the century (last century, that is). Blessed with perfect pitch and an aptitude for improvisation, he quickly learned his way around an organ keyboard and had a repertoire of old standards that would shock most professionals - all before the age of six! It was then that he turned his attention to the piano. However, during twelve years of intense classical studies, Brian decided that it wasn’t a concert stage he wanted to perform on, but the ragtime stage. Since then he has performed all across the US, first on majestic pipe organs in pizza parlors, and then on the uprights and concert grands at ragtime concerts and festivals.

Brian has the distinction of being a World Old-time Piano Playing Champion (1997-'99) of a competition sponsored by the Old-time Music Preservation Association (OMPA), winning his third title at only twenty-seven years of age. He is currently the youngest three-time (and therefore "retired") champion of this event, held since 1975.

In 1997, Brian met Jeff Barnhart at the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival, annually held in Sedalia, MO. At an after-hours session, Brian and Jeff decided to try a couple of well-received piano duets, which led to an all-night jam session that didn't end until 8am the next morning! It was clear that there was something very special in the way their styles meshed, and it wasn't long before audiences were clamoring for more. Between Jeff's take-no-prisoners approach, and Brian's more laid-back-classical take on ragtime and jazz, the two have been widely praised and sought after ever since, touring the US from coast to coast. They have recorded three CD's (available here), with more surely to come.

Most recently, Brian has expanded his horizons in ensemble jazz music, forming the Holland Rhythm Company and B-Square Entertainment. Coming along for the ride are fellow musicians and friends Mike Schwimmer, Bud Dresser, Chris Quaile, Bill Mason, Theresa Allen and Paul Scavarda. With the ability to morph from a piano & tuba/flugabone duo (as B-Square with Bud Dresser) to a full traditional Dixieland jazz band, Holland Entertainment is making waves in the jazz world as a provider of fun, entertaining, energetic music! RAGTIME is GOODTIME!

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