Dan Grinstead
Seattle, Washington

Updated 5/29/06

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Dan Grinstead, of Seattle, Washington, has been playing and collecting ragtime music sine 1955. He is here this year as a soloist, with his group the Evergreen Ragtime Trio, and to perform with Glenn Jenks on their two-piano ragtime style.

Having endured the honky-tonk and pizza parlor circuits of the 1960's, Dan now is rededicated to ragtime, specializing in old and obscure ragtime, with an influence from Traditional Jazz. Some of his unique style stems from his days of collecting piano rolls, sheet music and early jazz recordings. 

He has played ragtime and jazz from Japan to Hungary, on both piano and tuba.. Between festivals, he makes his living as a marine engineer (after practicing every morning on ragtime, for one hour). Dan has a graduate degree in Ethnomusicology, holds a Coast Guard towboat license, and is a certified player piano technician. In addition to solo ragtime, Dan plays piano and arranges for the Evergreen Classic Jazz Band.

Dan has a sign on his piano that says:
No Boogie Woogie 
All Tips go to the Piano Tuner 
I Don't Know The Sting