Evergreen Ragtime Trio

Seattle, WA
Added 5/29/06 

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Dan Grinstead (piano), Tom Jacobus (tuba), and Jeff Woistman (banjo) (always thought they) were the nucleus of the late Evergreen Classic Jazz Band...now defunct. They are joined by their percussionist friend, Mike Schwimmer from Minneapolis, who also played with the Evergreen. The Ragtime Trio originally played features at festivals to give the horn players a break. But Ragtime being what it is, the Trio took on a sound and style and repertoire of its own, and there you have it, Ragtime survives Jazz.

The Evergreen Ragtime Trio play many familiar rags, lots of obscure material, good dance tunes, and with Mike Schwimmer, some ragtime songs. Dan will also be playing some two-piano ragtime with Glenn Jenks at the Festival, perhaps joined by the rest of the Trio.

Tom Jacobus (tuba) is a junior high school music teacher, and plays trombone and travels with the Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band.

Jeff Woistman (banjo) gigs around Seattle, Teaches banjo and classical guitar, and is a food services manager.

Dan Grinstead (piano) practices ragtime in solitude (an hour a day), as he has done since 1955. He makes a living a marine engineer, specializing in old machinery (just like ragtime, only greasier).