Richard Egan
Manchester, Missouri
Updated 5/15/06

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Richard Egan grew up with a sensitivity to place and, having been raised on a hilltop above the Missouri River floodplain, found that ragtime’s sounds spoke the language of the land and waters that he always loved. His musical specialties are Midwestern Folk and Classic Ragtime, idioms which lend themselves to extracting the earthiness of his native land.

Egan transcribed the works of folk rag pioneer Brun Campbell, as well as Blind Boone’s “Camp Meeting No. 1.” He has two solo CD’s on the Piano Joys label, “From the Land of Ragtime” and “Lowland Forest,” and contributed to the Friends of Scott Joplin CD “A Circle of Friends.” During his three-year term as president of the Friends of Scott Joplin, he oversaw the erection of a monument on the grave of ragtime patriarch Tom Turpin, the establishment of St. Louis’ monthly Ragtime Rendezvous, and an annual youth piano competition. He currently serves as chairman of the competition committee.

In real life, Egan is employed as a cartographer with the federal government.

Folios and CD's:

Brun Campbell: The Music of the Ragtime Kid (St. Louis: Morgan Publishing, 1993)--a 122 page folio of transcriptions of the complete works of the man reputed to have been Scott Joplin's only white pupil. Still available for $20 per copy

Ragtime and Folk Piano (St. Louis: Morgan Publishing, 1997)--a 72 page folio of ten of Egan's compositions. $15

From the Land of Ragtime (Milan, Tennessee: Piano Joys Music) Solo piano CD, recorded in 2000. $15

A Circle of Friends (St. Louis: Friends of Scott Joplin) Recorded in 2002, Egan contributed two solo piano tracks to the CD which benefits The Friends of Scott Joplin. $15

Blind Boone's Camp Meeting No. 1 (Columbia, Missouri: John William Boone Heritage Foundation, 2004) A 10 page score, transcribed from the player piano roll. Available for $7 from the J. W. Boone Heritage Foundation %Lucille Salerno, 806B Bourn Avenue, Columbia, MO 65203-1470

Lowland Forest (Milan, Tennessee: Piano Joys Music) Solo piano CD, recorded in 2005. $15

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